About Us

Rivatex East Africa Limited is a vertically integrated textile factory that converts cotton lint through various processes to finished fabrics. It was officially opened on 4th Aug 2007 as a Moi University facility for Training, Consultancy, Research, Product Development and Extension.

We manufacture different textile products from cotton and cotton blend fibers. We have established ultramodern apparels and garments making unit that is well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that make all kinds of outfits. We have been able to invest into new and ultra-modern machinery in textiles which are the only ones in East and Central Africa.

We have established several factory outlets in major cities and towns in Kenya such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, and Kitale. We also supply our textile products to independent retailers, schools, universities and manufacturers. We also export our products to Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and South Sudan.

Rivatex Admin Building


To be a leader in textile technology, innovation and production for development, and socio-economic well being


To satisfy customer needs through innovation development , design , manufacture and conversion of textile products


Apart from the mainstream products the company produces textile products that are customized to suit the customers needs and preferences both 100% Cotton or Polyester Cotton blends.


  • Maintain efficiency in production and service delivery at all times.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation, legal requirements and set procedures.
  • Attach great importance to the contributions by all, build sustainable relationships and share company’s success with stakeholders.
  • Encourage and reward achievement and innovation of staff.
  • Conform to high standards in respect to work performance, product requirements, operational procedures, health and safety, environmental issues, governance and ethics.

We are a Home of Quality Textiles

Rivatex East Africa Limited is reputed as the home of quality textile products both locally and regionally. The company has however been facing machinery and obsolete technology challenges which has hindered the exploitation of the potential opportunities that exist in the local and regional markets.  The company has made various steps towards full revival despite the many challenges that it has faced on its way towards sustainable growth and profitability.y

Rivatex Handing Over - President 013


In order to improve the service of the company, the management constructed a customer care office where all issues related to enquiries and customer support will be addressed

Customer Care Office


Due to rising needs for stitched fabrics, it was necessary to expand the tailoring department in order to meet the increased demand for finished products, the company during the financial year has constructed a new tailoring department building.

New Tailoring Unit


The proposed machinery are required to replace the obsolete machinery in the respective departments. With the complete procurement of the machine there will be need for more space for the machines hence we decided to add more buildings.

Ground Breaking Of The New Building
Dr.Jeremiah Ntoloi Koshal
Ms. Lucy W. Gitundu
Independent Director.
Ms. Eunice Kigen
Alternate PS-National Treasury
Prof. Isaac Koskey
Director - VC Moi University
Mr. John Temba
Alternate -PS –Ministry of Education Science & Technology
Mr. Hezekiah Okeyo
Alternate – PS - Ministry of Industrialization & Enterprise Development
Doctor. Eric Oyondi.
Director - Moi Univesity
Mr. Patrick Nyaga
Alternate-Director - Kenya Forest Service
Prof. Thomas Kipkurgat. E.B.S