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"To satisfy customer needs through innovation development, design, manufacture
and conversion of textile products."


"To be the leader in textile technology innovation and production for development and
socio-economic well being."


The mandate of Rivatex East Africa Limited is training, consultancy, research, extension and manufacture of textile products

Our Products

Bed sheets
Dress Material
School checks/uniforms
Suiting material
Shirting material
African Print material
Camouflage for military

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  • Maintain efficiency in production and service delivery at all times
  • Uphold honesty, integrity and courtesy in all actions
  • comply with all relevant legislation, legal requirements and set procedures
  • Attach great importance to the contributions by all, build sustainable relationships and share company's success with stakeholders
  • Observe human  rights and equality for all while respecting the dignity of individuals
  • Attach great importance to team  work and consultative approach to management
  • Remain committed to fulfilling the company's goals and objectives and the same shall take precedence over individual interests
  • Encourage and reward achievement and innovation by staff
  • Conform to high standards in respect to work performance, product requirements, operational procedures, health and safety, environmental issues, governance and ethics

REAL is a Moi University facility for Training, Research, Product Development, extension and Production. The university acquired this facility (New REAL) for the purpose of enhancing the capacity of training more students on industrial techniques, and to facilitate industrial research for staff and students.

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